tree clipartThe Civic Engagement Minor at Concord University

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The Civic Engagement Minor is a product of the partnership between the Concord Social Work Department, the Bonner Scholars Program, and the liberal arts education offered at Concord University.  It is recommended for all beginning Concord Bonner Scholars to participate in the Minor program beginning Fall 2006.  It is available for all students who have a commitment to community service with an academic foundation. At the completion of the curriculum requirements, the student's transcript will be noted with their accomplishment, which allows them to be recognized at commencement.

Campus Culture of Civic Engagement and History

Concord University has a long history of civic engagement and involvement in the local community and beyond.  We have had groups on campus who have provided service to the community in many ways from volunteer work, to community based research, to collecting goods and money for domestic and international causes.

As part of the Social Sciences Division, the Social Work program has been an accredited program of the Concord academic program for over 30 years.  Social Work has been an active participant in civic engagement, not only training professional social workers, but working as partners with others on campus and in the community to encourage social justice and civic engagement.  The Social Work program and faculty have been connected with the Concord Bonner Scholars Program, which does many hours of service every semester; the Concord Social Work Organization, which encourages civic engagement projects; Alpha Phi Omega which is a student organization that does service projects; Amnesty International, which works for social and economic justice; and other worthwhile causes.    

We have a campus wide community service web page that gives the community and campus access to various types of community service activities.  This website also provides links to other community service sites for those planning community service experiences  The website can be located at

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